What You Can Throw in the Trash

Keeping Garbage Contained In Bear-Prone Areas

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If your home is situated in a rural area, and bears are known to be wandering the vicinity, you are most likely concerned about keeping your household trash from falling victim to one of these creatures on garbage collection day. Bears are notorious for knocking down garbage cans in an attempt to jar the lids so they can grab bags from inside in search for a morsel to eat. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your garbage cans intact so your trash does not become strewn around your property as a result. Keep...

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Adding A Dumpster To Your Property? How To Keep It Clean And Odor-Free

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Renting a large commercial-sized dumpster is a great way to take control of the waste accumulation on your property. Most dumpster rental services not only provide the equipment, but also provide routine pickup services. Unless you’re renting a container that is removed every week and replaced with a new one, you’re going to have to think about cleaning out your dumpster on a regular basis. The residue left behind after it’s been emptied can cause odors and bacteria development on your property. Luckily, keeping it clean...

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