Adding A Dumpster To Your Property? How To Keep It Clean And Odor-Free


Renting a large commercial-sized dumpster is a great way to take control of the waste accumulation on your property. Most dumpster rental services not only provide the equipment, but also provide routine pickup services. Unless you're renting a container that is removed every week and replaced with a new one, you're going to have to think about cleaning out your dumpster on a regular basis. The residue left behind after it's been emptied can cause odors and bacteria development on your property. Luckily, keeping it clean doesn't mean donning your overalls with a heavy-duty sponge inside the dumpster. Here are some tips for cleaning the dumpster and protecting your property.

Supplies You'll Need

To make it as easy as possible to get the dumpster clean, start by making sure you have supplies on hand at all times. You'll need eye protection, heavy-duty gloves, and a water source. If possible, connect a hose to an outside spigot so you have a consistent supply of running water. Fit the hose with a high-pressure nozzle so you can control the spray. The other option is to rent a pressure washer every time you flush the dumpster out.

You're also going to need soap. Use a citrus-based cleaner or something else that's environmentally friendly. It's in your best interest to skip the bleach, because you're going to have runoff when you wash the dumpster, and you don't want to introduce bleach or other hazardous chemicals to the ground where it could harm animals.

Steps for Cleaning

Remove the drain plugs that are located at the base of the dumpster. You should be able to just pull them out of place. Then, rinse out the container with the pressure washer or hose. Put the drain plugs back in once the water's drained out. Add some citrus cleaner to the dumpster, then use the pressure washer or high-pressure nozzle setting to add some water and stir things up.

Pull the drain plugs and let it all drain out, using the pressure washer or hose to rinse the inside out completely. Let the dumpster sit for an hour or two to dry out before you replace the plugs. While you're waiting for the dumpster to dry, rinse the concrete pad underneath it and the ground surrounding it. You'll want to be sure you flush all of the debris out of the area.

With these steps, you can wash out your commercial dumpster easily without ever having to touch the inside of it. If you want to keep odors and pests away from your dumpster area, this is the way to do it. Talk to a company like C n' C Junk Removal about your dumpster rental options.


16 June 2015

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