Keeping Garbage Contained In Bear-Prone Areas


If your home is situated in a rural area, and bears are known to be wandering the vicinity, you are most likely concerned about keeping your household trash from falling victim to one of these creatures on garbage collection day. Bears are notorious for knocking down garbage cans in an attempt to jar the lids so they can grab bags from inside in search for a morsel to eat. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your garbage cans intact so your trash does not become strewn around your property as a result.

Keep Odor Under Wraps

An odorous garbage can will be an attraction to bears in the area. To help keep your cans from being targeted for tipping over, keep the smell coming out of them at a minimum. Double-bag your trash to contain any smells within them instead of allowing them to seep out into the cans themselves. A deodorizing spray or powder can be used inside your empty cans after each trash collection to keep them fresh. Simply wash out the cans and apply the agent to the interior. Vinegar can be sprayed on garbage bags to help mask odor as well.

Place Cans In Contained Areas

Instead of leaving your trash cans outdoors in front of your garage or on the side of your shed, place them inside these enclosures so bears are less likely to topple them over. Leaving cans out in the open is a recipe for a garbage disaster. Make sure the enclosure you select has a lock to keep doors from being pushed open. If you do not have an appropriate structure to contain your trash, consider keeping it inside your home in a basement or area away from foot traffic until your scheduled garbage pick-up day.

Make Sure The Lid Stays On

Selecting trash cans that have locking lids will be helpful in saving your garbage from becoming a bear feast. If you have cans with a lid that does not have locking mechanisms, consider placing bricks or large stones on top of it when you bring your cans to the curb. These may be enough to keep a bear from getting inside the can.

Deter Bears With Sounds

Bears will usually run from loud sounds. If you notice one near your garbage cans, consider clapping your hands or throwing an item out toward the area so the bear runs off. Place wind chimes in a tree near the location you usually set your cans to help keep bears from getting too close. A portable radio can also be placed near your cans on trash pickup day to help keep bears away from the area.

For more information, contact a business such as General Waste Management.


8 September 2016

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