Minimizing The Amount Of Trash You Place In Your Garbage Cans


If you have weekly residential garbage pick-up, and you have noticed you are unable to fit all of your trash in the cans you place at the curbside for collection, you are likely to be aware of the need to minimize the amount of waste you make within your household. There are several ways you can cut down on the amount of trash you need to have picked up by a garage collection service. Here are some tips you can try in your own home to help in keeping the amount of trash you accumulate at a minimal amount.

Check Into Recycling Options

If you have been throwing away cardboard, plastic, glass, or aluminum items inside your trash cans, you are wasting valuable space you can be utilizing for other throwaway items. Find out if your garbage collection company offers a service for items you can recycle. This is often a minimal cost on top of your regular garbage collection amount, making it a cost-effective way to reduce the trash from your home without the need to pay for the pickup of another can's worth of trash. If your garbage company does not offer this service, call your town building to find out where the closest recycling plant is located. You can bag up your recyclable items to bring to this facility, saving you space in your trash cans for other items.

Think About Starting A Compost Area

Scraps of food not only take up precious space in your trash cans, but they are also an attraction to pests of all kinds. Keeping your trash cans in a sunny area will make the smell inside of them as well if scraps are contained with. Designate an area of your yard for the collection of biodegradable items. A piece of chicken wire can be formed into a makeshift canister shape and placed in a spot away from view. Throw in your vegetable and fruit peels, leftovers, and coffee grinds. Rich soil will form out of these items and you can use it in a garden. 

Buy Items In Bulk To Save On Space

Purchasing household necessities in bulk will reduce the amount of packaging material you will be throwing in your household trashcans. Instead of buying multiple small containers to throw into your trash each week, a larger one will take up the space less often. This will allow for you to fill the space during other weeks with other items. Purchasing items inside recyclable containers will also be helpful.

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11 May 2017

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