Eliminating Waste At A Preserve Canning Facility In An Organized And Sanitary Manner


If you own and operate a small preserve canning facility and dispose of ingredients and packaging on a daily basis, the following tips will assist with eliminating waste in a sanitary manner so that your business and property will remain organized and foul odors will not become an issue.

Labeled Bins 

Place large, sturdy bins in front of the conveyor belts or workstations inside of the canning facility. Label the outside of each bin so that workers will know where to toss items. For example, ingredients that weren't prepared properly or spoiled items can be placed in one bin. Damaged jars or cans can be placed in other bins.

After the bins are full, a cart or hand truck can be used to transport the bins outdoors so that they can be placed in a waste or recycling container. Food items need to be stored inside of a sealed bag or container before being thrown into a dumpster to prevent lingering odors. 

Trash Compactor

A trash compactor can be installed under a shelf or next to a workstation and can be used to throw away trash items that don't belong in the larger bins. Dust and dirt that is swept from the flooring inside of the facility, snips of paper, or small empty cartons are some items that can be placed in a compactor. Before using a compactor, line it with a bag that is designed for the model that you have purchased.

Once the compactor's bag is filled, secure the end of it and compact the trash. Instruct your staff members how to operate the compactor so that it doesn't malfunction during a work shift. After trash is compacted, it can be brought outdoors and tossed into a dumpster. A compactor will reduce the size of each filled bag so that more trash will fit inside of the dumpster. 

Cardboard Baler

A cardboard baler can be rented or purchased and installed in one end of your facility. If the baler is located next to the shipping and receiving department, staff members can open shipments that come in and conveniently throw flattened boxes inside of the baler. Once the baler is full and turned on, cardboard will be stacked and secured with flexible bands.

A technician who assists with setting up the baler that you rent or buy will demonstrate how to operate the machinery. After each of your workers receives proper training, they can safely utilize the baler. After stacks of cardboard are secured, they can be placed in a large recycling bin so that they can be picked up at the same time that a dumpster is emptied. 

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26 June 2017

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