How To Make Hurricane Lawn Clean-Up Easier


If your area has recently been affected by a hurricane or tropical storm, there is a good chance that your yard is a mess. If you were able to make it through the storm with little or no damage to your home, you might be feeling pretty lucky right now. However, you might still have a big mess in your yard that you have to clean up. The wind from a hurricane or tropical storm can cause limbs to come down and debris to be spread all over your yard. All of this can be incredibly overwhelming, but following these tips can help.

Rent a Garbage Container

One big question that you might have is about what you're going to do with the lawn debris when you clean it up. If you have a lot of tree limbs and other debris spread among your yard, you might be unsure of where to put it. One good option is to consider looking into renting a dumpster. Then, you will have a large dumpster that is conveniently located on your property for all of your debris disposal needs. You won't have to worry about hauling limbs and debris all over town, nor will you have to worry about the dangers of burning it. Instead, you'll know that you can get rid of it easily and without any more hassle than necessary.

Gather Up a Crew

When you look at your lawn after a hurricane, it can be easy to become very overwhelmed by the mess. If you have to clean it up all by yourself, you might find that you have a big job on your hands. However, when recovering from a disaster, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. In fact, you might find that you and your neighbors can all band together and agree to help with one another's yards. This can help you get the mess cleaned up faster while helping one another out.

Work in Zones

When tackling a big mess in your yard, it's a good idea to work in zones. Consider diving your lawn up into several "sections" in your mind. Then, tackle one section at a time. This can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed, since you can focus on just one area at once. Before you know it, you're sure to have everything cleaned up and looking as close to normal as possible after a major storm.

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10 September 2017

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