Insight To Help You Demo And Remove A Concrete Slab


When demolishing and removing an old concrete slab or other structure on your property, a majority of the work goes into the actual demo and removing the debris from your work site. Here are some tips to help you complete these two big tasks while you are clearing your land of old concrete.

Demo the Concrete

Removing a concrete slab will require the use of some heavy-duty tools, such as a sledgehammer or jackhammer. Depending on the thickness of the concrete and your ability to maneuver the tools, you can choose the tool that provides you the best use. For example, there are gas-powered and pneumatic jackhammers, which can handle a variety of jobs.

If you have never used a jackhammer or sledgehammer, you can test out the weight of each and what it will require for you to use it during the demolition. Most tool and equipment rental businesses can rent you the demo equipment you need, and they can make sure you know how to properly use them.

You will also need a pry bar to help pull apart the concrete as it is broken. Ask the help of a friend or neighbor to help you with this part of the demolition. Be sure you both wear protective work gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection if you are using a jackhammer.

Dispose of Your Debris

When you have broken up the concrete slab into smaller, manageable chunks, you will need to dispose of it properly. Most curbside garbage services provided by your local city or county do not allow you to fill your container with concrete because it can weigh so much and it may damage the container. Instead, you should rent a dumpster from your local waste management company.

The waste company will deliver the dumpster right to your work site or you property so you can place all the concrete into the dumpster. Most large-sized dumpsters have a side-accessible door on the dumpster, which allows you to move materials into the dumpster, versus having to toss them over the side of the container. This allows you to haul the concrete piece by piece, in a wheel barrow, or with a skid steer or Bobcat. Then, when your dumpster is full or the clean-up of your project is complected, the waste company will pick up their dumpster and dispose of its waste.

You can also consider disposing of your concrete with a concrete recycling company. Check your area for a concrete recycling company, as they will usually come to your site to pick up the concrete and haul it away. The concrete is then processed and broken down into smaller chunks or gravel-sized pieces to be used in the construction of roads and as a base filler for building construction.

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21 October 2017

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