Tips For Removing Junk And Clutter From A Deceased Relative's House


If you've been given the task of cleaning up property from a deceased relative's estate, you may be overwhelmed with all the clutter and junk you have to deal with. If your relative was elderly and accumulated decades worth of belongings, then you have a big job ahead of you. Your job will go much easier if you hire a junk removal service like A Junk Free Planet. You can then basically fill the trucks and have most of the things hauled away. Here are some tips that might help.

Scan For Valuables As You Throw Out Junk

The one good thing about cleaning out another person's junk is that you don't have a sentimental attachment to it like you do with your own belongings. That makes it easier to get rid of things more quickly. However, you may want to take time to pull out things that might be valuable. You could keep them or sell them to earn money to pay for your time and labor cleaning out the house. Anything of value may even have to be kept with the estate to divide among heirs later. Things that are in good shape could be set aside for an estate sale or yard sale. They might even be donated to charity so someone else gets use from clothing or household goods.

Rent A Truck Or Dumpster For Quick Removal

It helps things go faster and you'll be more organized if you can throw things on a dump truck or dumpster as you go through each room. This reduces the amount of junk you have stacked around the home or in the yard. You can also make decisions quicker by tossing things in boxes to be thrown into the truck right away. Arrange for the junk removal service to show up on the day you begin work. If the job will last several days, you may want a dumpster dropped off in the driveway so you'll have plenty of time to clean out the entire property. Just make sure you know what you can throw in the dumpster and what has to be put aside and dealt with separately. This might include things like paint and gasoline.

Work With A Crew And Professional Guidance

If you can't get family members to help, then you can consider hiring a cleaning crew or junk removal service that can supply a crew to help. A crew can create a line of people for moving bags and boxes of junk into the dumpster. A crew can tackle several rooms at once and in addition to clearing out junk and clutter, they can clean the house so it looks better if you plan to sell it. If your family member was a hoarder or messy housekeeper, then cleaning out an entire house by yourself could be an impossible task. Getting help from experts may be necessary for working safely and protecting yourself from animal droppings or moldy building materials.


20 April 2018

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