Ridding Sites Of Biosolids And Sludge: What To Consider


When you have to rid a site of the kind of sludge and biosolids you work with on a regular basis, you might not consider vital details about ridding the site of those materials. When you think about issues like those below, you can better show concern for both your workers and your company.

Understand Requirements

Your city is likely to have rules about sludge, biosolids, and disposing safely of these materials. Whether you contact relevant personnel by phone or simply pull the requirements from the city's website, it's important that you always adhere to the local rules in place. It may be best to check in with the permits department to ensure that you're not violating city rules with your waste.

Store Biosolids Properly

While your primary concern is likely to move biosolids off the site so you can focus on other issues, it's vital that you pay attention to state and federal guidelines for storing sludge before hauling it away. Ensure that you're keeping biosolids in airtight containers that won't leak or spill. Train your workers to regularly check the containers so that problems are found early and detected before dangerous spills happen.

Use Dump Trailers

Dump trailers can allow you to remove great quantities of waste. However, you must check with trailer companies about the chemicals and types of biosolids they'll accept. Don't make the mistake of assuming that all companies accept the same materials; you could discover that certain companies are not able to haul away your waste and that means the biosolids you collect on-site will have to stay there until you find a better solution. Don't be afraid to ask relevant removal questions before selecting a dump trailer company. Get a list of approved materials before you agree to any contracts.

You'll also need to think about the number of trailers that you want. Many company owners underestimate their needs, which means that the entire process is dragged out and that they have to request more trailers to satisfy their needs. Instead, ask dump trailer companies how they would evaluate your needs. They might recommend a set number of trailers that will keep on-site waste to a minimum. 

Have Other Chargers Ready

Various hydraulic components must be charged before using dump trailers. To keep the flow of work going, you may want to have multiple chargers for the dump trailer on hand. Being sure that there's enough power for your dump trailers will ensure that you can load up the trailers without too much downtime.

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22 July 2019

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