3 Safety Tips To Avoid Causing A Fire In Your Rented Dumpster


Highly useful at the construction site, a rented dumpster is pretty much a go-to thing to collect waste during a project. However, dumpster fires are a very common occurrence, and when these fires ignite, it can pose a great risk for everyone within the vicinity. Avoiding a dumpster fire may seem like a simple thing, but it is far easier to start a fire in a dumpster than most people know. Here are a few safety tips to remember with your construction dumpster rental

1. Follow guidelines about tossing certain chemicals. 

When you originally rent a construction dumpster for your worksite, you will be given a list of things that should not go into the receptacle. Some things on this list can seem like they are pretty much harmless. For example, you may be forbidden to toss in regular batteries. Some batteries can contain lithium, and lithium can potentially react with water and oxygen to ignite, or even worse, explode. There are good reasons why anything on a forbidden list is on there; some of the things mentioned may lead to risks of creating a fire. 

2. Keep the lid on your dumpster closed at all times. 

You will likely be told to keep the lid on your dumpster closed to protect it from animals, dumpster divers, and illegal dumping. However, preventing dumpster fires is another reason why you should keep the lid closed on the large waste receptacle. If bright sunlight is allowed to shine directly on the trash, a fire could inadvertently get started. For example, say you throw away a broken glass pane and it is positioned over a bunch of sawdust you swept off the floor. The sun could shine bright and hot enough through the glass to cause the sawdust to catch on fire. 

3. Never dump items that could start a fire because they are not fully extinguished. 

Cigarette butts, ashes from a wood stove or fireplace, charcoal from a grill used at the construction site—all of these could potentially still have a hot ember hanging out in the ash. Even if something seems like it should be fully extinguished, sometimes, looks can be deceiving. The majority of dumpster fires happen because an unwitting person tosses something like these items in, so you really do have to be careful. There can be so many flammables in a typical dumpster that even one small ember can spark a raging blaze in no time at all.


17 October 2019

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