Insight To Help You Demo And Remove A Concrete Slab


When demolishing and removing an old concrete slab or other structure on your property, a majority of the work goes into the actual demo and removing the debris from your work site. Here are some tips to help you complete these two big tasks while you are clearing your land of old concrete. Demo the Concrete Removing a concrete slab will require the use of some heavy-duty tools, such as a sledgehammer or jackhammer.

21 October 2017

How To Make Hurricane Lawn Clean-Up Easier


If your area has recently been affected by a hurricane or tropical storm, there is a good chance that your yard is a mess. If you were able to make it through the storm with little or no damage to your home, you might be feeling pretty lucky right now. However, you might still have a big mess in your yard that you have to clean up. The wind from a hurricane or tropical storm can cause limbs to come down and debris to be spread all over your yard.

10 September 2017

Disposing Of Business Computers With Efficient Recycling


Getting rid of a lot of old computers is a logistical challenge. Just carrying the computers outside isn't enough in some cases; there are local trash collection regulations to follow, and some areas even have fines to penalize businesses that don't follow the rules. To avoid electronic waste fines while making the removal process less intensive on business finances, here are a few business-level recycling policies to understand and enact.

29 August 2017

3 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Neighborhood Recycling Program


A neighborhood recycling program is not only a good way to help the environment, but you and your neighbors could earn some cash back for some of the items that are recycled. Starting a program takes work though. To help you and your neighbors get started, here are some questions to answer during planning. Who Is Responsible for Collecting and Processing Recyclables? Your recycling program could fall apart from the beginning if there is not a plan in place to collect the recyclables.

17 July 2017

Eliminating Waste At A Preserve Canning Facility In An Organized And Sanitary Manner


If you own and operate a small preserve canning facility and dispose of ingredients and packaging on a daily basis, the following tips will assist with eliminating waste in a sanitary manner so that your business and property will remain organized and foul odors will not become an issue. Labeled Bins  Place large, sturdy bins in front of the conveyor belts or workstations inside of the canning facility. Label the outside of each bin so that workers will know where to toss items.

26 June 2017

3 Guidelines To Rent Out A Dumpster For Your Home Cleaning And Remodeling Projects


Spring and summer time open the door for so many different cleaning and remodeling opportunities. If you are in an "out with the old, in with the new" mode, the best way to run with that momentum is by giving yourself all of the tools needed to succeed. One tool that will serve you well is a large dumpster. To make the most out of your project, read on so that you can consider renting a dumpster.

28 May 2017

Minimizing The Amount Of Trash You Place In Your Garbage Cans


If you have weekly residential garbage pick-up, and you have noticed you are unable to fit all of your trash in the cans you place at the curbside for collection, you are likely to be aware of the need to minimize the amount of waste you make within your household. There are several ways you can cut down on the amount of trash you need to have picked up by a garage collection service.

11 May 2017